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Author Topic: 8345 Clutch Issues  (Read 1322 times)


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Re: 8345 Clutch Issues
« Reply #2 on: March 24, 2019, 11:30:23 PM »
Manuals-  Well you can down load the international version for free right on this website.  Your tractor's model number varies depending on market. On the MTZ site http://www.mtzequipment.com/tractor-service-manuals (http://www.mtzequipment.com/tractor-service-manuals)  you would want the 80/82 manual. MTZ is the new official factory importer of these tractors now a days in North America. If you go to the old US importer/parts supply website https://www.belarus.com/index.htm (https://www.belarus.com/index.htm) or give them a call you probably can buy an original USA 8345 version that would have came with that tractor.
Parts - Good news you have one the most mass produced tractors ever built like a million of them built.  Parts are a non issue there are millions of parts for these and your exact tractor is still manufactured to this day. MTZ's parts has a  website or they can direct you to the closest dealer https://mtzbelarusparts.com/.  Plus there are several other sources of  Belaurs parts.

Starter- Yes there is the factory style 24 volt or different aftermarket 12volt versions.

Transmission - should be a 14 speed

Post a picture of what you have there for shifters in the cab.  Are all the gear boxes shifted into gear?

For reference your US imported Belarus model number was 8345 , Canada back then it was 5570 earlier years there were numbered 825 (800 series) and in eastern Europe MTZ 82.  Tractors exported from the Minsk plant were labeled Belarus. Over there they were labeled MTZ.

What ever model number was stuck on the hood they ALL were built at the Minsk MTZ tractor plan in Belarus.
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8345 Clutch Issues
« Reply #1 on: March 21, 2019, 11:17:29 AM »
Greetings from a clueless new owner of a 8345. This tractor so far confuses the crap out of me. It was my wife's grandfather's tractor. It sat for years until he gave it to me, notice the word "gave". He had trouble finding parts and obviously manuals. The starter failed and he somehow find a replacement starter with what looks like a reducing gear attached? Anyhow, this last winter I was using it to level out a driveway going uphill with the blade down. I pushed in the clutch to shuttle sift into reverse, then it would do no more. Would not go forward or reverse under its own power. Nothing sounds wrong and you can even hear the RPM's hesitate a little when you release the clutch but it does nothing. I really never figured out the gears on this thing but I really only used a couple of them. I checked the hydraulic fluid and other than it appears to have had some water in the case at some point, little white color, it is full.
Can anyone clue me in as to what I should look at next or walk me through my next move since I cannot find any manuals on this model anywhere, what to try?
Clueless in Kentucky
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