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Leon 705 loader

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Do you possibly have the Measurements I-I and O-O for the Loader to Quick attach? I am looking to add a Quick Attach to my Leon 636 from the 80's being used on a an 81 Belarus 420

I do not have any experience of Leon but i have heard that they have a good reputation. One can trust them.

Back in the late 60's and until the mid 70's I worked at a short line dealreship that rented tractors.  We handled Modern loaders and Servis now Rhino, and Bush hog loaders in addition to all the other equipment they made.   Leon was a very good loader.  I had a Leon Dozer Blade on my 4013 JD about 30 years ago, and traded it to the JD dealer for a Farmhand Loader for the 4010.  The Leon blade was very heavy and neighbors would borrow the tractor to try to use it as a bulldozer.  It broke a spindle and wore the lug holes in the front wheels.    When I had to replace the transmission countershaft due to being overloaded, I decided the blade was just too big for that tractor.  We got a lot more use out of that loader and I still have the tractor and loader nearly 40 years later.

Any chance you could post some pictures?

I have a LEON 690? on my tractor, very well built and has a high reach.


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