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Title: 1220.4 Clutch adjustment
Post by: damengineer on December 29, 2018, 10:25:41 PM
I have to adjust the dual plate clutch on the 1220.  I was moving a loot of hay and under a deadline Christmas Morning!!  I was using it in Reverse 1st gear high range and Forward 1st gear high range.  The clutch must have slipped some when starting forward as it is now slipping after 60 bales.  Adjusting the clutch by the  methond in the owners and disassembly manual is not so straightforward.  This clutch is different from the dual plate clutches I am used to.. 
Title: Re: 1220.4 Clutch adjustment
Post by: damengineer on January 01, 2019, 01:17:45 PM
The tractor was split back in January 2018 and found to be missing the pilot bearing.  The first dealer had  resurfaced the flywheel and other work on the clutch.  Exactly what was done is a mystery.   The clutch is a dual plate clutch with traditional fiber linings on the disks.  The problem is when working the tractor with the loader after 30 minutes the clutch drags and makes shifting  the non-synchronized gearbox a real pain.  Also when engaging the clutch, it feels like it does not really take hold for a few feet.  Also the free travel is less when hot than cold.
I have not had this problem in my 50+ years.  However, I worked with Asbestos linings and the last few clutches I replaced had either Cerametallic buttons or NOS asbestos linings.  Most of the newer linings are Kevlar,  Does Kevlar swell when hot??   The factory is going to think I am a habitual complainer, but the way the gears are arranged, reverse is 1/2 the speed of forward no matter what gear arrangement you try to use.   I have to shift 2 levers to get close to the same forward and reverse speed when using it to load hay.  The reverse/range gearbox  is not synchronized.  When hot the drag on the gears require shifting the synchronized 4spd gearbox into neutral before shifting the reverse/range lever then shifting the gearbox.   I suppose I am spoiled to the F/R shuttle on the TS110 New Holland money pit. I attached a pdf of the operators manual showing the gearshifts.