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Title: MTZ 1220.4 Has plenty of power
Post by: damengineer on May 17, 2018, 12:33:15 AM
Put the 15 ft Rhino Bat Wing mower on the 1220.4 a couple of weeks ago.  I had about 100 acres of old prairie bluestem, johnson grass and clover that was 2 years old.  It had fallen and was about 2 ft deep and thick.   The 1220 went through it like it had nothing behind it.  I was traveling about 4mph in order to mulch the grass as best I could.  Ran about 6 hours and cut over 30 acres.   

The only ergonomic objection I have to the tractor is I cannot get the seat back far enough to suit me.   I run with the seat on my New Holland TS110 nearly at the back glass!  I am 6ft 1in tall and weigh 325lbs.  After the 6 hours of running with the close up setting of the seat, my bad knee and ruptured discs gave me fits for the next day.   

I had an air seat suspension bought for another tractor.  It has the air control on the front.  I mounted it as far back as it would go on the bracket from the original seat.  Then installed 2x3in steel tubing between the seat and the suspension to raise the seat farther.  When I get the seat where I like it, when I hit a rough place, it hits the partition in the back of the cab where the batteries used to go on the earlier models.  The 1220 has the batteries under the hood in front.     I can cut out the partition and move the seat back at  least 6 inches.  If I did that, I could remove the tubing under the seat.  I nearly hit my head on the roof now in the case of hitting a really rough spot. 

I cannot find a manufacturer that lists a seat for the MTZ or even the Belarus.  Ian at Higginson sent me a file of a seat that they use to replace the original, but it was a .dat file and I cannot open it.. 

Anyone had any experience with either opening a .dat file or changing seats.   At $500 and up for seats and suspension, I don't want to start throwing money at it without solving the problem.  I have to solve this seat problem, or I cannot sit on the tractor much without damaging my already pinched spinal cord... 

My only objection to this tractor is there is a large difference in the forward and reverse speeds when using the range selector as a shuttle during loader work.  To keep nearly the same speed in forward and reverse,  both gear levers have to be changed.  1st gear reverse is about equal to 4th gear range I in forward.   The range shifter is not synchronized, but the gear selector is.   The dual plate clutch has a lot of momentum built up and without a clutch brake, there is a lot of gear clashing over 1000 rpm...  For most operations it is not a p;roblem, but when using a loader, it is inconvenient.  However, I had a full bucket of dirt and an 8 ft box blade on the rear, and it handled the load with no problem without ballast in the tires.   It is truly a well balanced tractor.  A heavy one too. 
Even with the inconveniences, it is a good buy for a 125hp cab tractor. 
Title: Re: MTZ 1220.4 Has plenty of power
Post by: arie515 on May 18, 2018, 03:51:58 PM
damengineer, thank you so much for the detailed review !
Title: Re: MTZ 1220.4 Has plenty of power
Post by: Haymaker on May 25, 2018, 01:39:51 AM
There is lots of room in those cabs so sure if there is a will there is a way to mount any brand of seat with some modifications to mounting brackets.  I have a new seat i got from.... CIH in my old 825.  But with your back issue I'd go to a seat company that makes seats for construction/ag equipment and sit on a bunch of seats and suspension combos to find what "feels" right for you.  My back gave me grief and I changed out several seats on various pieces of equipment.  Not worth the pain and aggravation having an uncomfortable seat.