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Title: MTZ 1220.4 will not crank
Post by: damengineer on January 11, 2018, 10:32:13 PM
Took delivery this afternoon on my new 1220.4.  Had to pull it off the trailer with another tractor after working for 2 hours to start it.  The 20 amp fuse on the small inverter box over the batteries was blown.   I eplaced it with another and it blew immediately.  The ign switch was on.  Turned off switch and replaced fuse.  Still no cranking.  Worked batt switch several times in case of corrosion in switch.  Still no crank.  Shorted across large terminals of solenoid from batt to starter and got a small spark. 
Dealer swears tractor started with no problems 2days ago in Sheridan Wyoming.  Truck driver wanted to start tractor a few hours after it was loaded to reposition, and says batteries were dead.  Did not know if he engaged batt switch or not.  I have tried everythign I know,  I have been a farm equipment mechanic and truck mechanic for over 50 years. I have checked everything that should be somewhat obvious, and nothing.   The weather was a pain here today, 25deg with a 50mph wind gusting to 65.   I bought 2 new batteries later in the day, but have not had time to install.  We tried jumping from 2  fully charged batteries using #2 GA jumper cables, but no cranking.  The small spark I got at the starter terminals concerns me. 

Any Help out there.   Called MTZ Extension 210 as referred and never could get someone to call me. 
Title: Re: MTZ 1220.4 will not crank
Post by: Haymaker on January 12, 2018, 12:18:31 PM
Must be something simple unlikely the batteries failed so quick.  Did you try charging them/load testing them?   If it worked then suddenly didn't something happened on the truck.  Is the starter encaging at all?  By this diagram  it looks like its still uses the 24 volt starting circuit but the heavy duty ground disconnect switch is activated by a toggle switch on dash vs the old push button manual system.
Title: Re: MTZ 1220.4 will not crank
Post by: damengineer on January 18, 2018, 11:37:00 PM
Meant to reply to forum earlier, but I have been trying to figure out the clutch now.   There is a neutral safety switch located at he end of the gear selector shaft on the left side of the transmission under the cab.  Pushing on the connector to this switch solved the problem with the switch.   I then charged the batteries overnight and the tractor fied up pertty quickly considering the temp was 7deg with a  5 below wind chill...  Now, the clutch will not completely disengage.