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Author Topic: 1989 562 head gasket....  (Read 17670 times)


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Re: 1989 562 head gasket....
« Reply #2 on: August 13, 2015, 02:37:29 PM »
Standard to replace head bolts at H/G change.Check break away tork on head-bolts.When removing cyl head be careful and look at the H/G to see if you can see where the blow out is.Check for cracks on the H/G where it seals on the liner.Low counter bores can be cause of H/G failure too a dial indicator should be checked around the top of the liner flange easy to do.Did you ever have an overheat?Check water pump pressure also before you blow it apart.Possable head damage (cracks) or grommet damage.List goes on!
Belarus 562 4x4 russian loader bucket

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1989 562 head gasket....
« Reply #1 on: August 11, 2015, 02:01:36 PM »

There is a 1989 562 on the farm bought new by my late father.  Sometime in the mid 90s the head gasket failed and he & his neighbor replaced it.  I am not sure if the head bolts ever were re-torqued after it was run some.  For the last 15yrs or so, this tractor has not been used much, and now has about 2000 hrs on it.  Mostly used to mow ditches and blow snow.  Late last summer, after mowing, the head gasket began to fail again.  It is blowing compression out of the left side (side where injectors are) and makes a chuffing sound when idling.  Air bubbles appear along the seam of block/head.  No coolant in the oil so far I could tell.  This definitely needs repair again.

What possible extra damage may have occurred from running this a few hours after it started to fail?  Any chance the head or block are eaten away?  Why did this fail for a 2nd time?  I am wondering if the head or block are warped?