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Author Topic: Belarus/MTZ hydraulic pump upgrade  (Read 13863 times)


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Belarus/MTZ hydraulic pump upgrade
« Reply #1 on: December 12, 2018, 03:16:15 PM »
I've seen/heard of this and below is a good video of fellow who replaced the stock  hydraulic pump with an higher capacity one. Which really is nice for loader work as you can see in the video how fast the cycle time is with a new loader he mounted.   Stock is around 45litres/minute this one is 70 litres/Minute.  Unlike other makes of Tractors Belarus uses a common enough universal mounting flange that companies make pumps that will bolt right on!  There was some modifications made for the inlet flange as seen in the video.  Only draw back is if used hard long hrs at high engine RPM in warm climate an oil cooler or extra resevoir tank would need to be added on to aid in cooling in some appications to be safe. For feeding cows doing chores etc. around the farm he's says its not an issue.

 The factory pump say for a Belarus is only around $300! I recently replaced the hydraulic gear pump on one of my 40 year old CASE tractors and it costs 5-6 times as much! )-:  Its lower volume and lower pressure then my 825 Belarus stock pump but there is nothing else I could do as its a CASE pump specific to CASE 70 series tractors nothing else fits. 

Tip Regarding Belarus hydraulic pumps -  What I've see cause premature failure on them is running the hydraulic oil resevoir low on oil causing over heating and dirty/contaminated oil.   

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