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Title: Front MFWD Rebuild Video
Post by: Haymaker on November 20, 2018, 12:06:40 AM
This a good video if anyone has repairs to do on the front MFWD axle.  This old MFWD system may not be the strongest on the market but its very simple and economical to repair vs other styles/brands etc.  The one in the video is rough but the tractor is an old one. The hour meter stopped decades ago at 4700hrs probably is pushing 20,000 hrs.  Another cool thing is MTZ currently still builds tractors with this MFWD axel which MTZ has used over 40 years! All these parts be it a 35 year old model or 5 year old model you can  get at your MTZ dealer. That's big advantage MTZ has vs other colors  in that many parts fit tractor models covering decades of production.

Import thing to remember on these MFD axels is to check the oil levels!!!!  There is 5 little gear boxes to check very important if you purchase a old used one and don't know if there are leaks.

Title: Re: Front MFWD Rebuild Video
Post by: Eric on November 25, 2018, 08:32:33 PM
Great video, I am on the lookout for a MFWD. If I were to lift the front and rotate the wheels by hand, could I feel or here the teeth missing?  Any other tests to verify a good front drive?
Title: Re: Front MFWD Rebuild Video
Post by: Haymaker on November 27, 2018, 02:20:11 PM
Well I'd check to be sure all gear boxes are full of oil.  See if there are leaks. Check my other post on here on the MFWD I made where I fixed a vertical axle and replaced the seal and o rings. Here is the video
Over all in 21 years I've had mine other than that axle issue I haven't had any MFWD issues other then I replaced the rubber o rings now on both sides. Mine gets used regularly here on the farm. Its not my main tractor however its my only loader tractor and its used for many jobs around the farm. 
The old blue MTZ82 tractor in the video below has LOTS of hrs on.  On this side of the pond what I've seen give troubles often are the o ring and seal.  They can leak external  (o-ring) or internally  (internal seal).  When they leak internal the top angle gear box leaks into the bottom and you don't notice.  When it runs dry of coýrse it wrecks the angle gears. You have to keep an eye on these oil levels.

825/925's  are getting harder tů find now a days.  Years ago you could pick them up for a bargain often.  Many old used ones have been exported outside the country for other markets. But they are around if you have patience and really are the best bang for Your buck on a 80-95hp MFWD tractor. You will find many tend to be beat up and uncared for unfortunately.  Find one with a loader joy stick & valves on it as the factory remote levers are awkward for loader work and in general.  They may not me the most comfy tractor vs other brands the same age but they are the simplest and most economical to fix/maintain.  You don't want to know what it costs for parts if you take out a wheel planetary gear set on a MFWD on other brands.

Wouldn't hurt to lift up front end and check wheel bearings.
Here is a video on that.