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Member Introductions / Newbie here from Saskatchewan
« on: August 30, 2018, 09:04:46 AM »
Good morning all, I am another Belarus newbie and am just in the process of getting a 1997 5370. We have lived on a 16 1/2 acre acreage here in Saskatchewan for about 15 years now and have gone the whole gamut of tractors from a Sears lawn tractor through a couple John Deere Garden tractor and a JD CUT. I loved the 2320 Deere but when we got a couple horses the Deere was not big enough to handle the 1100+ Lb bales of hay. SO I recently sold the 2320 and all my attachments in the hopes of finding a good cab tractor with a loader and 3pt hitch in the 65+ HP range. I was going to get a Deutz 6275 but at the last minute the owner decided not to sell after a week of my time researching checking parts availability. Needless to say I was a bit unhappy but a couple days later a very nice retired farm lady called me and told me about her Belarus 5370 that she had sold but her purchaser backed out at the last minute due to his wife leaving him (coincidence or fate ?) We made a deal and I will be picking the unit up in a couple weeks when her son gets back from BC as he has to replace the ignition switch. As she said it isn't pretty but it is an amazing tractor and can easily pickup 1600lb bales. here are a couple pictures
BTW are there manuals available for this unit? I found all the other free ones but there dosen't seem to be any for this unit.

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