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MTZ Tractors - Current Models / Re: Belarus 152, the Mini Tractor
« on: September 28, 2018, 01:22:56 AM »
Hi RjMaan,

Of course everyone has their own reasons, but mainly mini tractors can do a lot more than ATV. But naturally not like a real tractor, however they are lighter witch is appealing when driving in the forest. Mini tractors are sturdy, especially MTZ.

Safety is a big concern, especially since the drivers often are young. With a top speed of 20 km/h and rollover protection it is much safer than ATV, but just as fun...

You get a lot more like hydraulics and PTO without the draw backs, and if the ATV is strong and sturdy enough to haul logs and pulling wagons in the forest, the cost is not higher for a MTZ mini tractor. Quite the opposite sometimes.

More tractors to the people, especially the youngsters...

Best regards

MTZ Tractors - Current Models / Re: Belarus 152, the Mini Tractor
« on: July 02, 2017, 08:34:20 PM »
Hi Aire,

Just out of curiosity, if the same Honda motor was powering an ATV it is ok but when it is a mini tractor (about 440 lb heavier) there are stricter emissions regulations?

The tractor very much looks like an ATV, but is has tractor features. Togheter with a top speed slightly above 12 mph, pto, linkage, good hydraulics and sturdy build are the main selling points.

Since last year SAZ has launched new models of mini tractors, new equipment and the website now has English pages:


The gearbox is good, but the steering of it is perhaps not up to European/US/Canadian standards. The importer in our country, Sweden, modifies this (and some other minor things).


The MTZ/SAZ forest version of the mini tractor is sold here, but the kit made locally is even better for driving in the forest (and far from expensive, it is sold for mounting it by yourself also)

Best regards

PS in my view, a mini tractor is not a substitute to a larger tractor but a very interesting alternative to ATV:s. Safer and more versatile.

MTZ Tractors - Current Models / Re: Belarus 152, the Mini Tractor
« on: June 19, 2017, 11:23:19 PM »
Hi Arie,

Interesting about strict rules on emissions! But is this current information? SAZ switched to Honda engines for their mini tractors quite some time ago. The 152 is powered by a Honda GX 390.

Driving sensibly the fuel consumption is quite ok, but put the pedal to the metal... The tractor is very strong on low gears, so far it has not been necessary push the throttle hard. Other than the temptation to go full speed on public roads :-)


PS small gasoline engines are of course not the best option environmentally, especially in densly populated areas. If there was the bi-fuel option gasoline / CNG (or propane) it would be most interesting. But perhaps this would be neither feasible nor practical...

MTZ Tractors - Current Models / Re: Belarus 152, the Mini Tractor
« on: June 10, 2017, 02:33:05 AM »
Hello again,

Fresh from Belagro exibition a picture of the 152 with loader.

Driving the mini tractor in the forest hauling logs has worked well. It is a small machine, but suprisingly usefull. In reverse it is a bit fast for forest work. This is of course not uncommon for farm tractors. But you generally plan the route only going forward anyway.

Many countries now only need proof of medical coverage to be able to visit 5 days visa free (but not via Russia since the flights in the union state are treated as domestic in both the countries).

The Belagro exibition, the city of Minsk and the countryside in general are well worth the trip!


MTZ Tractors - Current Models / Re: Belarus 152, the Mini Tractor
« on: August 08, 2016, 03:58:18 AM »
Hi Arie,

You of course know the North American markets for mini tractors very well. But perhaps you ought to reconsider. The 152 puts a smile on most faces when seen in action... And it for sure is a hit with my young nephew...

To involve the youngsters was an objective it has proved excellent at. That the Belarus 152 is not dangerously fast, and that you can do a lot of real chores was strong factors when deciding to buy it.

Tracors are more fun than computer games! That the gear box is not fully synchronized works as a natural age/skills demand to drive it (on private land).

I think the tractor-dealer brought it up North as a gimmick on their open house days. Since they did not want ship it back South we got a good deal. A real tractor with snow blade and some gear for the price of an ATV.

It is of course preatty clear that on this forum we like the MTZ/SAZ kind of durable tractor. In equipment as with the forrestry many like my family take the long term view. This is common attitude of most private land owners in most countries I guess. But still ATV:s will of course be the choice for the vast majority in our country.

Owners Club

There is owners club that I have volonteered for. Since I am a newbie, it will of course depend on the others what will happend. It would be great to visit the factory in Minsk. Get an update on new products, equipment and gear. If there are enough seminars and stuff it will of course qualify as a business expense. But perhaps there has been trips recently.

Tractor cruise

Actually we have these huge combined cruise ships and ro/ro-ferries on the Baltic sea. They have these theme cruises when the schools do not have breaks. Fitness, jazz, whiskey and what not. If there were enough participants MTZ perhaps might send experts or even put a few tractors on the roof...

If we get a trip to Minsk organized. Or a tractor cruise to Riga with the possibility to go to the factory by bus, do you think some of your customers would like to join?

Well, back to the reality at hand. Getting the belly plates fitted and haul a few windfalls out of our little plot of forrest...


MTZ Tractors - Current Models / Belarus 152, the Mini Tractor
« on: August 01, 2016, 02:11:54 PM »
Hi guys!

Are there many others that work with an mini tractor on this forum??

We have started using a Belarus 152 mini tractor. An interesting and exiting alternative to ATV. It seems very promising indeed. Before we bought it I checked with the importer. And MTZ (i e SAZ in Smorgon) have been selling the mini tractor model 132 for about 15 years.

For sure there are a lot of tools for small holders and farming for friends and family. But does any of you guys use it in the forrestry? This is our main aim, the rest of the features are for the time being mostly a bonus.


PS some links:

(the Swedish importers page with quite a few pictures)

(the MTZ / SAZ website with tools and equipment)


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