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I'm new here, as I recently married a wonderful woman who happens to be the owner of a couple of tractors, including a Belarus Agross 526 from ~ 1989! I'm apparently in charge of the maintenance now  ;D
I have opened the dash to check the fuses and replace a push-button start with a more appropriate key ignition switch.

2 questions:
- could anyone tell me which wires go where on the ignition switch? there are currently only 2 wires hooked up to the push-button, and 3 "loose ends" not connected to anything. There are no lights, rpm indicator, nothing working on the dash as I understand that it normally gets power from the ignition switch. So I'm trying to restore it to its original configuration. I have a wiring diagram, but I won't even pretend to understand it...
- there is an inline fuse holder with a 40A fuse in addition to the main 50A fuse and other smaller fuses that goes from the fuse box area to the front of the cab (not sure where after that). The holder opened and the fuse fell off when I was tinkering in there. I fished it out, it's obviously blown, but the tractor runs just fine without it. I have read that "the only thing that draws anywhere close to 40A is the glow plug". It's hard to tell if the glow plug is working or not, since there are no lights on the dash and the tractor had to be jump-started all winter anyway. Any suggestions would be appreciated as to what this fuse does.

Thank you in advance!


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