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MTZ Tractors - Old Models (Belarus) / Belarus 500 MT3-50 brake question
« on: January 08, 2019, 11:38:25 PM »
New to the forum, new to tractors, and new to Belarus. I purchased a 79 Belarus 500 last week and the seller said the brakes needed replaced. He supplied the discs for it and today I decided to tackle the job. I started on the left side of the tractor, it was pretty straight forward and fairly easy to do. Everything was removed easily and put back together smoothly. I moved to the right side and I cannot say the same. I removed all the bolts and started to pull the outside cover but it wouldn't budge. After a rubber mallet, some screws drivers, and pry bars the cover started coming off but so did the inner plate. I pulled it out about 3/8" and when I looked behind it I could see what looked like a bearing. So I drove it all back in. After seeing what was happening I tried separating the outside cover from the inner cover/plate. I successfully got the outside cover removed and the outside disc was gone. Only thing there was the metal disc in between the fiber plates that make the disc. Clumps of the disc were in the cover and in the center of the disc pushes [sorry for wrong terms]. After looking at it, it looks as if the discs are rusted or have bonded to the splined shaft. My question is what should I or can I do?  I was thinking if the outside disc is this way I would imagine the inside one is too. The inside disc is still all there,  not just a clumped mess. Should I try cutting the outside disc off of the splined shaft? Or my other question is, can I remove that whole shaft assembly and not mess up anything on the inside of that gearbox? I wasn't sure what's in there, if things would stay lined up if I removed it. If I could remove it without anything mis-aligning and stay in place could i just remove it to try and press the discs off of the shaft?  Sorry for the long first post but any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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