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 I have a 825 and I  use the remote lever to operated the hitch.  I have 3 levers so that's how mine is plumbed.  Never have used the draft controls down by the throttle on mine.  Do you have a manual? I'd have to look in mine and see exactly how its supposed to actually work.  Maybe post some more pictures of under your cab of the spool valves and lines too them.  Maybe I can see something that's different.
MTZ Tractors - Old Models (Belarus) / 825 three point hitch operation
« Last post by sd825 on December 13, 2018, 12:00:21 PM »
Greetings, fellow Belarus enthusiasts. I recently bought a 1995 (I think) MFD 825 to feed cows. Lurking through this site has been incredibly helpful in figuring out this tractor, but now I have a question of my own. I am running into issues with the three point. I need to use it with a round bale carrier, but I can't get it to maintain position. If it raises all the way up the top of the bale carrier hits the battery compartment. When I get it set to an OK height, it will either raise all the way up, or drop down while I'm driving - I think the issue is with draft control, but I'm not sure. I don't need draft control, just need to be able to pick up and hold a bale at a set height. A couple of problems: 1) I don't know much about 3 pt operation to begin with, especially how draft control works, so I might be doing something stupid. 2) My tractor is missing the third hydraulic control lever that the manual indicates controls the 3 pt. It only has 2 levers that control the 2 rear remote hydraulics. The only 3 pt controls I've found are the depth control lever that sets the bottom end of the 3 pt travel, and a knob (at top of picture) that I pull up to allow the 3 pt to drop to the depth setting. To raise it I have to raise the depth control setting. On my old Allis Chalmers, I just leave the depth control all the way down and use a separate lever to move the hitch up and down. Is it possible that my tractor only came with one rear remote hydraulic, and somebody before me plumbed the second remote using the 3 pt lever? I hope there is a simple solution to this and I'm just doing something wrong, but I'd sure appreciate any suggestions, insights, or advice anybody can offer!! If there are any pictures that would be helpful let me know and I can add them.
MTZ Tractors - Old Models (Belarus) / Belarus/MTZ hydraulic pump upgrade
« Last post by Haymaker on December 12, 2018, 03:16:15 PM »
I've seen/heard of this and below is a good video of fellow who replaced the stock  hydraulic pump with an higher capacity one. Which really is nice for loader work as you can see in the video how fast the cycle time is with a new loader he mounted.   Stock is around 45litres/minute this one is 70 litres/Minute.  Unlike other makes of Tractors Belarus uses a common enough universal mounting flange that companies make pumps that will bolt right on!  There was some modifications made for the inlet flange as seen in the video.  Only draw back is if used hard long hrs at high engine RPM in warm climate an oil cooler or extra resevoir tank would need to be added on to aid in cooling in some appications to be safe. For feeding cows doing chores etc. around the farm he's says its not an issue.

 The factory pump say for a Belarus is only around $300! I recently replaced the hydraulic gear pump on one of my 40 year old CASE tractors and it costs 5-6 times as much! )-:  Its lower volume and lower pressure then my 825 Belarus stock pump but there is nothing else I could do as its a CASE pump specific to CASE 70 series tractors nothing else fits. 

Tip Regarding Belarus hydraulic pumps -  What I've see cause premature failure on them is running the hydraulic oil resevoir low on oil causing over heating and dirty/contaminated oil.   

MTZ Tractors - Old Models (Belarus) / Belarus forestry tractors
« Last post by Haymaker on December 11, 2018, 03:22:27 PM »
There are lots of videos on the internet where ag tractors are used to pull forestry trailers.  For most part its MTZ/Belarus and Valtra tractors.  The abuse these tractors are put through is impressive.  Note that some of the trailers have wheels that are driven making it an 8 wheel drive machine! You can see the tractor's pto supplying the power to the trailer.

This one here below you can see has been modified in several areas.  Different hydraulic pump mounted at the back, left side of trans has a gear box added on to drive a winch and it even has a different front axel mounted on.  These series of MTZ tractors(over a million built) are so numerous and economical that if there is a will there is a way to modify them to meet the needs of the job required.

MTZ Tractors - Current Models / 3022 running a triple disc mower
« Last post by Haymaker on December 11, 2018, 12:15:46 AM »
3022 with a reverse controls in cab mowing hay
MTZ Tractors - Old Models (Belarus) / Re: Belarus 420 Does Not Charge Battery
« Last post by Munro5299 on December 03, 2018, 12:19:49 AM »
Hello Bruter, Where are you located at? I am Near Edmonton if you are close by you are more than welcome to come have a look at my unit and the charging system as it was just all re wired and still has to have the dash come off for a couple of extras in the next few days, I am running a modified alternator, it is possible that you are running an internal and external regulator in your system and that would be canceling out your charging system but if you are interested feel free to contact me and we can share pictures as I have never seen the original state this unit was supposed to be in.

Chad Munro
Edmonton Area
Maintenance - Service & Repair / Re: 802 window dimensions
« Last post by Haymaker on November 29, 2018, 09:22:10 AM »
Just take the door to the glass shop.  That's what I've done in the past and they fit the window.
MTZ Tractors - Old Models (Belarus) / Re: Front MFWD Rebuild Video
« Last post by Haymaker on November 27, 2018, 02:20:11 PM »
Well I'd check to be sure all gear boxes are full of oil.  See if there are leaks. Check my other post on here on the MFWD I made where I fixed a vertical axle and replaced the seal and o rings. Here is the video
Over all in 21 years I've had mine other than that axle issue I haven't had any MFWD issues other then I replaced the rubber o rings now on both sides. Mine gets used regularly here on the farm. Its not my main tractor however its my only loader tractor and its used for many jobs around the farm. 
The old blue MTZ82 tractor in the video below has LOTS of hrs on.  On this side of the pond what I've seen give troubles often are the o ring and seal.  They can leak external  (o-ring) or internally  (internal seal).  When they leak internal the top angle gear box leaks into the bottom and you don't notice.  When it runs dry of coýrse it wrecks the angle gears. You have to keep an eye on these oil levels.

825/925's  are getting harder tů find now a days.  Years ago you could pick them up for a bargain often.  Many old used ones have been exported outside the country for other markets. But they are around if you have patience and really are the best bang for Your buck on a 80-95hp MFWD tractor. You will find many tend to be beat up and uncared for unfortunately.  Find one with a loader joy stick & valves on it as the factory remote levers are awkward for loader work and in general.  They may not me the most comfy tractor vs other brands the same age but they are the simplest and most economical to fix/maintain.  You don't want to know what it costs for parts if you take out a wheel planetary gear set on a MFWD on other brands.

Wouldn't hurt to lift up front end and check wheel bearings.
Here is a video on that.
MTZ Tractors - Old Models (Belarus) / Re: Front MFWD Rebuild Video
« Last post by Eric on November 25, 2018, 08:32:33 PM »
Great video, I am on the lookout for a MFWD. If I were to lift the front and rotate the wheels by hand, could I feel or here the teeth missing?  Any other tests to verify a good front drive?
ClaraRoy, pardon Google's French but it says you asked:
"How big is the source of this big data? How much data can I get because I suspect that this substantial content has been removed from the database?"

Since 2013 user "highwayghost01" has uploaded 40 PDFs to date re. Belarus 400/420 manuals & info in the File section of the Belarus Tractor Club (Yahoo Group): https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/belarustractorclub/files/420%20infor/

Also, MTZ posted free downloadable manuals here: www.mtzbelarusparts.com
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